In The News

Congratulations to Joanna Hsu from class 827 on winning the 2022 NCTE Promising Young Writers Program

Joanna Hsu in 827 has been awarded the highest designation of Certificate of Recognition for her writing! National judges evaluated each piece of writing holistically on content, purpose, audience, tone, word choice, organization, development, and style.

This year, schools nominated 116 students to participate in the Promising Young Writers Program. Of those, 66 received Certificates of Recognition and 50 received Certificates of Participation.

SOUPer Bowl

Our school will be participating in the SOUPer Bowl can drive. Our school-wide goal is to collect 1,000 soup cans by Friday, 2/4.

Soles 4 Soles

Exciting news! We have currently donated a total of 94 pairs of shoes!  Let's keep the number rising and continue to make donations for those in need.
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