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Before entering the school, please fill out a health screening form found at the link here.

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news and Announcements

  • For the 2020-21' school year, please fill out an Emergency Contact Form, found here, and submit it to the school at your earliest convenience.

  • Help our community by engaging in contact tracing of the COVID-19 virus; you can help by filling out the randomized testing consent form, found here, and returning it at your earliest convenience.

  • We have new resources for maintaining a healthy mental and emotional well-being. See here for more information.

  • For any grade-specific questions, please contact:

    • Mr. Lampoutis, 6th-Grade AP at Tlampoutis@schools.nyc.gov

    • Ms. Lam, 7th-Grade AP at MLam3@schools.nyc.gov

    • Mr. Rizzo, 8th-Grade AP at ARizzo@schools.nyc.gov

8th Grade Notices

  • Notice regarding the High-school admissions process: Notice

7th Grade Notices

6th Grade Notices

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