Help donate to our annual SOUPer Bowl drive!

The SOUPer Bowl Can Drive is an event hosted by the school in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl game. Our school event will start from January 3rd until February 10th. Families are encouraged to bring in the following items:

  • Canned soup (best option) 

  • Canned beans/proteins

Families should refrain from bringing in the following items:

  • Boxes of food (boxes of cereal, crackers, etc.) 

  • Perishable foods (fresh fruits, vegetables, etc) 

  • Rotten/expired foods (Remember, people are going to be consuming these foods!) 


Where do we hand in donations?

Every homeroom will be collecting cans starting January 3rd. Donations will be given to the homeroom teachers of each homeroom. At the end of every week, each homeroom’s class representative will collect all the cans from their homeroom and deliver them to specific locations throughout the school. Each grade will have a designated room for the class representatives to bring the donations to. For 6th grade classes, donations should be brought to Room ___. For 7th grade classes, donations will be collected in Room 140. For 8th grade classes, donations will be brought to Room___.

Where are the donations going? 

These donations will go to City Harvest, a non-profit organization that helps families in need throughout New York City. It is the biggest non-profit food rescue organization in New York City. Every day, City Harvest helps millions of poor and starving people in New York City. 

Having food to eat is a luxury to most of us, so many are surprised to hear that there are a lot of people struggling to feed themselves and their families. By helping organizations such as City Harvest, we're able to give back to the community we live in. We're able to help these people who need the food we might not see as something valuable. For more information about City Harvest and their donation programs, visit

Goals and Reward System

Our goal for the SOUPer Bowl canned food drive is to donate over 1,000 cans of soup to City Harvest over the course of a month (January 3rd - February 10th). Additionally, we have also agreed to create a reward system for classes throughout the school. By the end of the collection period for the canned foods, the class that has donated the most cans combined will receive a class reward. 

For the SOUPer Bowl food drive, there will be no limitations of who can participate, as it is going to be part of the district-wide project for this year. The student council, or, in our case, the student organization of the school, will host the district-wide project. All students are encouraged to participate in the canned food drive.